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sotd: only one – kanye west.

I had a thought this morning as I walked home along that long ass bridge and readied myself for the day ahead. Why the fuck am I bitching about not having enough time when I’m wasting two hours a day at the gym (well getting there and back as well, I’m not that much of an animal). I’ve always been one for stupid ideas during exams like when I went to a rowing session just before my econ exam (woke up at 6, wasn’t fun) or sitting around for 5 minutes at the start of every prelim just breathing before even touching my paper (that one really gets on people’s nerves) and yeah it’s hard to say whether I do well despite or because of these things and who knows, need to cut down on the time though somehow, waking up earlier would help, so yeah less watching rick and morty into the wee hours of the morning (it’s weird, I don’t really like it but it’s so ridiculous it’s like crack, or a steven suptic vlog)

Next thing is to do with good old ricky and morty. Last night I’d promised myself I’d do 3 past papers after dinner, easy enough right. Until for some reason or other I opened up my ipad, went on twitch and lost an hour watching a korean man destroy kids on a videogame – of course I’m a sadist so still did the papers and went to bed destroyed at 11pm. Redbeard has this saying about once you’re exposed to a lower level of consciousness¬†it’s hard to leave, it’s why once I open up that amazon prime at lunch I get sucked in for a good amount of time before I eventually force myself off shaking from withdrawal. Nobody intends to scroll social media for an hour but once you open it and get exposed you get sucked in and lose an afternoon. So that’s the idea, don’t expose yourself unless you’re wanting to relax.

Also may have discovered the greatest breakfast ever. Hummus and a carrot, chickpeas have that mad protein, don’t taste half bad with some salt and lemon juice and a carrot because it’s fucking weird to scoop hummus straight into your mouth with a spoon.