Clerical Cheddar

sotd: like I do – witt lowry, eh don’t really like this song too much but not bothered enough to find a different song name.

So finally hit the big 1 oh yesterday. 10 past papers in a day, that’s technically 25 hours worth of exam but not really cause it’s like the old standard so you don’t do some of the paper. My mother, bless her sainted soul, comes in and says to me “are you sure you’re actually learning anything from doing this?” and fair enough that is a good point and something I haven’t really been doing enough, not making nearly enough flashcards partly because of the PTSD from when I had to sort through all my flashcards from prelims and spent an hour or so just sifting through hundreds of little pieces of paper.

Finally got fibre broadband today, sure it’s not the best, we’re only like 50mbps when virgin is like 300 but we don’t have it in the area so fuck that. But it is noticable, playing vainglory without lag is beautiful and just having updates come through mega fast and wifi is finally as fast as 4g.

Woke up pretty late today, was pretty good, had a lot of dreams about carphone though, some house party with the people I went to training with  and talking to someone about broadband deals we had and the craziest thing was that it was all real deals we had, smh gonna actually gonna have to be a phone salesman for the rest of my life.

So yeah, mad unproductive day gonna be had today, but whatever. What is cool though is this week of exercise and eating mad well has actually made me noticeably smarter, like my thinking is clearer and I actually have a memory, I memorised my new wifi passcode pretty damn quickly and that was real surprising. Anywayy done here, things to do, things to eat, phones to sell.