I’m not Fishing

sotd: coming through – russ. After the whole debacle of me missing a Jon Bellion concert I’ve gone back on the old guard, and damn old russ is fire, especially with those cool ass videos on his instagram.

Today’s post is about anxiety, I had this period last year or so when I talked about “being complete and cups running over and whatnot and yeah didn’t really work all that woowoo rubbish, I’m still terrified I’m gonna fuck up my exams, it’s probably unfounded, definitely is unless I totally just throw up on my paper but yeah it’s just kinda worrying, this discovery of 30 something past papers is a problem, I’ll probably try do them all which is gonna be the death of me and yeah not looking forward to that, I am concerned there are gaps to my knowledge though that mostly concerns biology which is genuinely a shitshow when they start asking you what a healthy BMI is and why losing weight is good.

So yeah little apprehensive but I’m going to spain tomorrow, boss is gonna fire me and yeah it’s all going well, least russ is fire. Plus dad is all up on my ass for not getting into a single oxbridge summer school yet and has resorted to pulling out the checkbook which actually makes me want to cry seeing him try and force me in by dropping bands, it shouldn’t be like that fam. Plus parents aren’t letting me go to prague for racist reasons so yeah probably have to go work for an accounting company and make actual money instead of prancing in the mountains of the czech republic with some eastern european shorties, ah the struggles of my life.


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