sotd: only one – kanye west, it’s just a really nice song that’s just very cute

So yeah I’m now in Palma which is in spain and it didn’t really know where I was going but got up at like 5 and got here and it was great fun. My life has been split into 4 periods, paella 1, paella 2, paella 3 and finally paella 4. i’m totally joking but I have had only 4 paellas in my life and yeah they were all quite different. The first ever was at a restaurant in Portgual that I really did not like and it was one of those awful tourist traps. That trip was one of the funnest if not scariest I’ve had, I remember sitting on a balcony with my parents drinking sunny d and yeah had this really sad thought about how life was gonna end and yeah weird fucking thoughts for a kid of like 8.

Number two was on a catamaran and I threw up so many times, had a good swim in the sea and that was all fun then the captain made the most bougie paella which was basically just boil in the bag rice, chirizo and tonnes of peas but I was so dead so yeah ate like 4 plastic cups of that. Then the greatest meal of my life probably ever two days after, Boccaccio in Nice in France and that was incredible, the whole experience wasn’t the best for reasons not to be mentioned and today was a pretty good one up in spain and yeah it’s gonna be fun, got some work to do but whatever it’s fun stuff and hopefully going to that mad rick stein place with awesome roast lamb.


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