Lazy Days

sotd: humble – kendrick lamar.┬áDidn’t really like the song at first, it was kinda annoying because people were on his dick and there was literally nothing to the song. But then I listened to the album and it’s quite good now.

Had a mad good day today, went on a little cruise type thing to a neighbouring island which was fun as shit because it’s nice just getting to look at some cliffs and nice nature and got some nice videos. Then we landed and god damn i had the greatest lamb I’ve ever had in a shitty little self service restaurant after the guy stuck it in a microwave I’d thought it would be ruined but that shit was still fire. Might have to give up on the whole rick stein place because this has only made me realise that shit never really lives up to the dream because it was awesome but not that cool and after a few hours I totally forgot about it.

Then swam in the sea for a bit, was stupid enough to go out pretty far and then didn’t and was an idiot so yeah that was pretty painful because I ended up drinking a lot of seawater but still alive.

I’ll write more later, shit to do, can’t actually remember what it was but I’ll do it.