Bible Vistas

Sotd: new bar – vic mensa. One of those songs I keep skipping but I think I was preoccupied one time and couldn’t skip it and found out it was actually pretty good. 

There’s this one quote from the good book that I heard of ages ago, I don’t remember the context I heard it in, maybe Tai who really knows. “let he who is without sin cast the first stone” and basically it was some bitchy Jews tryna catch Jesus out by getting him to condemn a criminal and decide his punishment and Jesus drops a bomb on them. 

This post isn’t about my imminent conversion to Christianity because I’m definitely not doing that anytime soon – I like having my Sundays free. 

I’ve realised that perhaps I’m not infallible and that honestly still need to figure some shit out. Not like that weird shit like “babe I just need space to find myself whilst I go to Thailand and get a train run on me” but like just figure out what I want to do with my time and areas I need to work on. So either this blog turns introspective and the whole world gets a look into what I’m doing which could be cool or I dunno I just write rambles on this until I decide to give up, who knows? Who cares?