Ayo Queso

sotd: good life freestyle – oliver francis.

Did a cheeky cycle around palma today which was great fun and also gave me a few hours to think whilst I wasn’t trying to look out for nude sunbathers ( i kid, just looking at the lovely vistas). I thought about this whole exam thing and how retarded it is that I’ve spent like the week beforehand fucking around in spain, like it’s been really fun and all but seriously wrong time.

I shouldn’t be that worried I don’t think, I’ve done way more than most people and should be fine but there’s still this worrying idea of not having done as much as I could have done. But then in my opinion exams are more a test of wits and confidence rather than actual knowledge and perhaps this is a little gamble, either I walk in supremely confident so much so that I spent a whole week playing around instead of working or I die of anxiety from having not felt like I’ve done enough.

Accidently went into the sea with headphones in my pocket so they’re kinda fucked so I’m moving onto my like 6th pair this year, ending here time to destroy my anxiety hopefully.


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