Savage Shelby

Sotd: antidote – Travis Scott ultimate version. 

This whole not going to sleep until 2 and waking up at 8 is getting to me. Currently waiting for a bus to take us into some iberirian hills and let’s talk about dreams. The first one was that I totally cucked up all my exams. I had fucked up the timetable so much that it turned out I had a day between each exam and who knows what I spent that day doing but I went between exams getting shafted by exam papers left and right which was painful. Then a pretty good one about this summer camp I go to where they abolished all the rules so half was pretty fun like we got to choose our own tents and shit but then there were people just shitting in the field and that turned out horrendous. 

It’s so weird trying to get myself to sleep more. Like I know it’s really good for me and there’s really nothing better than a good night’s sleep plus need to get on it but yeah still can’t be bothered and its hard just turning that phone off and going to sleep. Will need to figure it out pretty sharpish anyway. Then there’s the task of eating better, I let myself go for this week just because well holiday and its crazy how much it affects you, I’ve got bunches of weird inflamed parts and yeah not fun. 

I’ll finish here, gotta make some finesse plans and dunno look at pretty scenery. 


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