Bad Time – Echo Fox

Sotd: I like tuh – carnage ft makanon eh pretty good, may need to wrap this up soon as I’m running out of decent songs – well I ran out of good songs years ago. 

Who would’ve thought one of the best pieces of advice I’d receive in the last few days was from a woman who I didn’t think could give good advice but no she hit it pretty much on the head. Usually when teachers talk about exams I just blank out because it’s kinda played out. 

But nah today she dropped the ” don’t be idiots, forgoe a little fun for the next few weeks and be happy with your results” and yeah, it’s true I have been kinda fucking around, not studying properly. But that’s just not what I should be doing, balls to the wall for the next few weeks so I can get results I’ll be happy with. Y’know, it’s like those awful articles about how kids who can put off instant gratification do the best in life. So yeah, putting off the fun for the next few days for success and future gain. 


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