Herbal Essences 

Sotd: the ratio – oliver. Been listening to a lot of this guy and witt recently. Witt is like a nice thing to listen to when you’re bleeding out of your eyes trying to understand what you’re doing. 

Since I insist on never taking time when I’m not either thinking about pointless things or listening to music I’ll just have to write down my thoughts about these exams. 

At this point the thing that’s gonna fuck me over is stupid mistakes and gaps in knowledge. The last few marks I’ve lost over the last few days have been over stupid things like forgetting units or just being an idiot. Hopefully I should catch it out but I need better systems for protect oil against this, perhaps a highlighter mark every now and then to mark it – who knows but it needs to be addressed. 

Next is gaps in knowledge. There’s just little turns of phrases that if you miss you lose marks on and I need to work on those, I haven’t been brutal enough on past papers I don’t think. I also need to go over the whole course some time, end of this week and early next week is probably the time to just go over it all before the last few days. 

In terms of exam technique I’m not sure what my schedule is going to be like. Hopefully I get my kettlebell soon and start my days off with a few kettbell swings and a cold shower perhaps then fast, eat a big ass lunch of veggies and things and crush some acv and chia. Bed probably around 11:00 or so and wake up naturally maybe – or perhaps enforce a wake up time and bed time. Still not sure because I dunno. 

Need to fix some things like English essays and quotes and doing the flashcards properly. I’ve finally just deleted YouTube for the first time in ages which should help. I’d rather be bored than procrastinating and yeah get as much sleep as I can this week because it’s gonna be awful the next month but hopefully rewarding. 

So there it is, the liquid diarrhea of my thoughts, the sadomasochism behind it all. 


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