Step 5

sotd; mask off – future. Frankly it’s an awful song but I remember this funny ass instagram story of molly percocet so yeah

One question I seem to have with this exam rubbish is how to actually get ahead, there doesn’t really seem to be this obvious secret, it’s not doing more past papers cause everyone’s saying they’ve done them all. (saying being stressed in very ambiguous tones highlighting my obvious disbelief) but yeah there doesn’t really seem to be a way other than just being in the best mind set, have your mind working mad well and don’t make dumb ass mistakes.

My father in another one of his annoying points told me “do everything as if it’s your final exam” and I told him to go away but I suppose he’s right. At this point I’m not losing marks for not understanding something but because I forget to do a line of working, one little niggling technicality or something like that. I started off okay today, got shafted at work but I’m happy how this is going, peace.


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