The Ratio

sotd: I’m the one – dj khaled, pretty damn good.

Meh start to the day, but doing the things that I need to do which is good. I’ll talk about something near and dear to my heart today, it’s really not but an emotive description is always good.

why bother revising or anything like that, spending effort when I could just live a perfectly comfortable life doing next to nothing. The answer being freedom and choice. Back when I was still invited to parties I would always just want to be invited even if I had no intention to go, I wanted to have the choice to reject it instead of the whole thing being forced on me. It’s this weird thing I have that I like to be able to determine what I do and not have it forced upon me. I just don’t like the idea of having to what someone else tells me to do with my life, not be forced to go to some university out of scarcity or lack of choice but because I decided it would be cool.

So that’s all for today really, other things to do, English to cry about and papers to do and garlic to eat.


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