Syrup Pancakes

Sotd: mark matheny – mark goone. His songs are fire in a sense that the beats and most of the song is good but the rest just sounds like he’s on ket. On a song that could’ve been awesome he talks about bloody cannibals but the beats are fyre so yeah. 

Been kicked out the house again. This is why I really don’t like having my parents at home when I’m revising they’re convinced that I need outside time and they’re probably right but I can do that shit once exams are over. We were having lunch and I was kinda screaming internally “go away I need to do flashcards” which is very gimpy but whatever. From about 11pm last night I’ve been freaking out because of this ISSYP shit. It’s basically this summer placement in Canada and dunno why I’m freaking out – I’ve either to got in or haven’t but it’s just making me anxious as shit. I don’t really feel like talking about it because frankly if I don’t get in its awkward so if I do I’ll chat about it tomorrow maybe. Apparently I’ll find out by 11pm tonight when they post a list online so if you’re really intent on spoilers you could check that out. 

In other words yeah it was weird I kinda had a panic attack doing papers today which is kinda scary and that was scary. I have realised I don’t breathe a lot when I’m sitting down and doing revision so that needs recitifying. I think I’ve spent enough time being relegated from my own house now so I’ll probably return now. Bye kids. 


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