Dry Day

Sotd: we should all burn together – russ. On the day of the release of his first album but would be unfair to not have him. Haven’t really listened to it yet but this song is one I keep coming back to because it’s just so good. 

Had the maths exam today and it was easier than expected, I suppose that’s the point of revising that you aren’t fazed by the exam but this was annoying unchallenging. I think when everyone comes out of the exam hall saying they’ve probably gotten 100% it’s not much of a problem. There is a fear I become complacent after this but I don’t think so. Exam technique is pretty good but lacking in focus after a while, perhaps more carbs before the exam and sugars to get those glucose up or harder fasting? Dunno but I had pizza for lunch which isn’t the best thing but whatever. I’ll be fine for these exams. The thing is that the way I’ve done it is that my aims are high enough that even if I miss them then I’ll still end up with good enough scores and whilst that’s not that amazing it’s nice to fall back on and know you’ll be fine no matter what. 



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