Aye Okay

Sotd: some song by that guy ayokay whose name inspired this rendition of a blog post.

So after the autoclastic shambles that was the maths exam (I have no real indication of what autoclastic means just that it sounds cool) I think I have become a little eh whats the word too relaxed. Maths was never really going to be an issue, there wasn’t really any scare of doing badly and when it went a little too well i’m scared I’m getting complacent. I was up until 1am last night and I’ve played way too much vain today and woke up way too late and exams are on monday. It’s not that I’m worried about failing or anything just that I won’t be at peak performance and I am still a little scared for english but really it’s a debate of semantics. so yeah, get better kid.

There really isn’t a point to anything like at all we just assign meaning to some shit and doing well in these exams is the thing for the now so it’s what I need to do. Nuff said, off to procrastinate


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