Days Like This

Sotd: love like this – kodaline. 

I’m not sure what I’ve done to my phone – probably dunked it in the sea or something or maybe that dodgy Chinese manufacturing is catching up to me but like it’s just fucked now. Well not totally fucked but just the basics are broken. When I’m listening to music, the volume randomly starts changing and it either pauses or launchs music from another all and then I cry from sadness because my ears are either burning, I cant hear anything or its just off. And for like half an hour my lock button just didn’t work. 

I think most people have those things where they imagine when they took a chance and did something real cool. For some reason I’ve being going over some thing from ages ago. Basically we got told someone sell something (a la wolf of wall street) and they got 3 guys to do it. One was a total stooge, one wasn’t bad and the other was pretty damn good. I’m just pissed I didn’t put myself up – my dream self would’ve killed it. I do wonder how I would actually cope in those stressful situations. Never really been in one before so itd be interesting to see whether I sank or swam. 


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