6 minutes

sotd: gold – kiiara, one of those songs you always thought was cool but never knew the name.

The title comes from some talk from vaynerchuck about listening to this little podcast to “motivate” you for the next 60 years of your life or so. But the reason I say it is because this little part of my life, the next two or three weeks can genuinely change what I do with my life, I’ve been focussed too much on present fun and not enough on just grinding my brain to dust revising, there’s time enough to fuck around, I’ll have months after this and I can fully relax knowing I did all I could do. So that’s the post for today, more of the stop fucking around because killing this month guarantees the next 60 years of my life. So the phones been thrown into a little box and vainglory is off the ipad, it’s a start  but need to start hitting that grindstone hard and start suffering.


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