Con Con

sotd – something just like this – the chainsmokers.

Con con is my dramatic shortening of conspicuous consumption which I dunno is one of those english essay things to talk about. Anyway today’s post is about suffocating parents. Don’t get me wrong I love my parents, favourite parents I’ve ever had but jesus sometimes they’re controlling. I think it’s an only child thing where they try and fix every little detail and make it all perfect. It’s in the mundane to not letting me cross the road on a bike on my own, to be fair it was a kinda busy road but a chaperone for that is kinda ridiculous. Back when I ran the dropshipping my mother insisted on going through every single detail to make sure I wasn’t being ripped off (I was but didn’t care it was just fun) and basically was about to do it all for me until I told her to go away and then she just kinda kept guilt tripping me until I shut it down (did it on the downlow so she wouldn’t know). I’m sure there’s a bunch more stuff and I’m not just being an ungrateful shit and have really nice parents.

Like when I went to birmingham for carphone training, my mother decided to get the train down with me, stay for 3 days all to chaperone me from the train station onto a taxi to the hotel – that was it. All for that 5 minutes in case I died from something. Then there’s the summer school fiasco. I’ve gotten into a few so far, in particular prague was looking good, chilling in the mountains learning from world leading experts, it was all fine really, I was pretty happy letting my parents chaperone me this time, didn’t really mind I would be free for a week, but no mother decides last week or something that I can’t go, no explanation just won’t let me. So that’s that gone. Then edge hill – got into a free biology programme – actually kinda wanted to go it looked cool. Mum was fine ish, I just planned on getting the train down, mother decides that she would drive down instead, a 4 hour drive, just because she was scared someone would steal my kidney on the 20 minute walk between the train station and the university. I was mad but accepted it but now she’s decided it’s beneath me and she doesn’t know the background of other people going. So that’s another thing wasted.

So yeah this is just me complaining about suffocating parenting – usually everything’s fine and dandy just until I try do something for myself, they say they’ll stop when I turn 18 but I doubt it, it seems like an addiction for them honestly and it’s just really damn annoying.


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