The Good Book

Sotd: no flex zone – rae sremmurd. Don’t really like the song, it’s all about not flexing but they just spend the whole song flexing. Haven’t done one of those batch posts in a while, last time being before I went to china last summer. 

Let’s talk about books, well not really books but ebooks and the travesty that they are. I stopped listening to tai lopez seriously a while ago when he finally lost the cool parts of actual book reviews and useful advice and decided that making money off 12 year olds was more profitable. Nevertheless I listened to this kid on his show who was like 14 and making 100,000 a year selling ebooks or something. He was writing an ebook a month which sounds crazy like oh wow this kid is cool but writing a book a month is literally impossible – I haven’t bought one but wouldn’t be surprised if it was more than a leaflet. 

Then there’s the stud who lives in London who through some miracle of God is like my age (4 months apart) and follows literally everything I do from Justin to redbeard which is wild. He does his own little YouTube videos and is living this mad life and props to him but honestly his YouTube videos and I assume audiobooks are just one of these blog posts but he just seems more convinced and puts it out like fact and it seems real cool. 

The point of all this? Not sure just salty or maybe it’s me wanting to write an ebook, I think it could be cool actually, drop the blog for a bit after the two year anniversary and just write something structured, logical and without the awkward grammar for once. It’s an idea so who knows, perhaps I will perhaps I wont. 


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