Real as Muck

sotd: fire songs dropped recently, there was like some pretty fire ones but rich chigga takes it with prayer just because of that post malone mariachi band – also I’ve just realise my boss passes more than a passing resemblance to post malone so that’s great. Carphone is full of doppelgangers – man boy at training looked exactly like russ which was funny.

So yeah have kinda fucked up the last two days and not done nearly as much work as I would’ve liked to and need to get my ass in gear, but had a cracking day at carphone today which was lovely, smashed out a few subs, did some mad crazy manuveur to get some guy to take out a sam s8 and a s7 edge when he came in asking for a top up but yeah ingenuity, gonna go off and do some papers and salvage this. Night kids


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