Teenage Angst

sotd: rollin – khalid and calvin harris. Young man blowing up, young man got a beast song with big bad calvin hopefully I’ll see him sometime this year.

I’ve spent the last hour or so just screaming expletives interchanging between happiness and annoyance. I got two emails from Mckinsey earlier, Mckinsey was this leadership academy I discovered on night during a dead shift at work, I had 10 hours to apply, smashed out a few essays and then went to bed. Went to rowing at 7ish and then an hour later ran to get a teacher’s signature before school started and then sent it all off. The actual programme is pretty sick, run by a manager company or something, all expenses paid with two residentials. So I click on the notification, my heart leaps, then I realise it’s a rejection. So that was the first scream because it was a real cool programme.

I then press the back button into the main app and see the other email. I open it up and I got a place, I accidentally submitted two applications, one without a CV attached so I got in, cue second scream.

It was an 18 plus programme but I lied in the application, but then realised they wanted a passport scan so scream 3 rang out throughout the house.

Then realised I could just photoshop it in quite easily, scream 4.

Then pretty happy that it would all work out my mother called, I explained it then she dropped it on me. I’d already signed up for the Cambridge open day on the two days. Scream five came out and that was just annoying.

So yeah, rollercoaster, at least I know I can actually get into this hard shit, and I’ll just apply next year with my real birthday. Still bummed though because this could’ve been bloody awesome.

Plus for some reason I’d mentioned this to my parents a few weeks ago and they didn’t want me to go – apparently it would be stupid to not go to one about learning about an “actual subject” but honestly when it comes to university and life shit I just try and ignore them because it’s just some weird ass mainstream ideas that have been pumped into their heads by asian facebook.




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