Not Quite It

Sotd: some shuffle mix because I dunno it’s lowkey lit and some easy ass thing to just stick on and for some reason I have hate love relationship with shuffle one hand I think it’s dope to look at but then half the time I’m thinking how it’s literally talentless but then again everything is if you take a certain point of view. 

Brilliance in design is when it’s just effortless is some vague approximation of something someone said but I’ve been thinking about it a lot whilst screaming at my laptop for being a piece of shit. I’m blessed to have my own laptop but sometimes the thing just drives me crazy. The trackpad is flipped so I can’t actually click anything properly because the keys are wrongly assigned and I’ve tried flipping them again but it won’t work, the screen is kinda coming off the side and my lord the lag actually makes me want to throttle someone. It’s not like lag lag, just barely perceptible pieces that slightly irk you, a dropped note on the music, or it takes a little too long to load a page or just randomly won’t let you split screen in tablet mode ( one of those weird yoga laptops which are stupidly good in idea but fucking awful in execution.) 

Then there’s my phone which is a joy to use 99% of the time but the other one percent it just decides to turn off the WiFi or connect but say there isn’t a broadband connection and Jesus lord there is nothing more infuritaring – as if right on cue it just did it again. There’s nothing more annoying than close to perfection. Plus we just got fibre put in so whilst my parents are streaming hd content I can’t even go through a fucking ad break without my phone saying “no connection”


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