How We Do

Sotd: myself – nav. 

Today’s the day I talk about the weird shit I do during before and after exams. Because I’m prewriting posts again and just had an exam so yeah. 

Past papers and a lot of them. Just hammering them out builds up confidence which is the only thing you need for an exam. Also learning how to answer questions and structures. Anything I get wrong, remotely wrong or just a funny wording gets written out on a flash card that goes on the pile. 

The flashcards follow a structure of daily, every two days and weekly, cards that I get right graduate to the next pile and cards I get wrong get thrown in everyday. Spaced repetition is what it’s called I think and it helps in memorization. 

Then there’s just going through the course, making sure I understand the nuances of everything to do with the course. Invariably there’s always going to be questions that have never appeared in a past paper and going over the course as defined by a number of sources covers all your bases. Looking at the basic outline and fleshing it out using previous information draws it out and sees if you understand and improves your memorisation. 

Some one’s that are just for mental health. I do a stack of vitamins every day. Right now it’s vitamin c for immune health, fish oil for brain a for sight and a few other benefits and d for more immune system. I haven’t properly looked at it but these seem like the most fundamental. 

Cold showers and intermittent fasting most days. There’s numerous health benefits for cold showers and I think intermittent fasting improves brain health and honestly just saves time. 


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