Rocket Ship 

Sotd: something alessia Cara because why not. 

I realised I’d fucked up at 1 in the morning. I’ve never been great at going to sleep when I have my phone with me. There was a period a year or two ago when I went to sleep at 2 for like a month straight safe to say it wasn’t fun but for some reason I couldn’t seem to stop myself. Same thing happened last night convinced myself I could go to bed at 11. But fell asleep at 1 this shit is like crack, in all honesty I just need to start leaving it downstairs or better yet just throw it away but I don’t have the balls or the money to do that. 

I just had the strangest deja vu where I remember writing this in the same position in the car and my mum coming over and then me kinda hoping she’d see me on the blog and then find out all about it. Dunno why I’ve started thinking about the meaning of dreams for some reason after I had the strangest dream ever a few nights ago. 

But let’s talk about crushing it. 6 contracts in a day. At my old store you were expected to get 2 in a day on a good day and yeah it was awesome. There’s something to be said about just being able to naturally kill it and flow like that. No better feeling than when everything just works. When you sit down, a customer tells you that they want 3 subs with insurance or when you have a deal miles better than others. There’s nothing really better. 

I hadn’t really wanted to work during exams but I realised that this was the thing that would be the key. Red beard talks about the winner effect and how just crushing it socially will make you crush everything and yeah lends credence or maybe this is just justifying my 8 hour break from revision? 


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