Redban Man

sotd: candy paint – post malone. Slept on this one just because it wasn’t like an official one and has a whole cover of fast and furious on it, but fire and the bass bossted is mad.

Day before biology and yeah it’s been kinda chill, been doing some work but it’s way less than I thought it would take so yeah just chilling, I mean I have another 3 or so hours tomorrow so time to just chill and relax and woohoo.

A few weeks ago I got the results of canada scary physics camp, I was kinda convinced I was gonna get in but yeah I basically spent a whole day freaking out because the results came in at night and me being a dumbass didn’t check so basically spent a whole day freaking out, got the list and yeah wasn’t on it. I was pretty damn gutted.

There was a glimmer of hope though, a little side note at the bottom of the email. Young Brainport, one designed for european students – turns out I really should’ve applied to that one, but whatever it was too late now.

But it wasn’t, I had two days left to apply. Two days is usually enough to just mock up an application and write some crap on a piece of paper. But this one was different – it wanted an application video, how the fuck do you make an application video?

So yeah lost another day to making that but I got in so that’s a joy. And the end to all this summer malarky, it’s all bloody over. I got into a lot of cool shit, foreign countries and schools you’d never heard of or some you have with extortionate prices but either me or my parents told them to fuck off. So yeah I’m on 3 right now and a fourth if I can be bothered. Which is good because honestly I’d like to just chill and start a business with the guys.

So yeah, that’s that over, nice one kids. Finishing here hope I’ll get some stuff done and my parents don’t change their minds and not let me go to Amsterdam.


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