No Fair Game

sotd: hallelujah – by those guys who sang it at the very start of watchmen because that film was fire even though I don’t think it was that famous. But now the watchmen are like kinda famous and bouta ruin the DV universe.

So today was my day of consumption and destruction. Started off pretty well with 4 hours or something of just sitting there on my phone, playing vainglory and watching shows I really didn’t care about. It’s the most annoying thing when you can’t ever progress in ranked because cancer teammates and just playing trash. Then I went for a walk, hit a few shops and dropped way too much money on food that was nasty and bad for me and hurt my head. It’s quite nice doing whatever you want but honestly it’s just kinda annoying in the end.

The point of all this is that it’s just annoying and I don’t really like it as much as I thought it would’ve the dull lull isn’t as good as I’d hoped nor as fun as the awful drudgery of revision.

Anyway, off to read because that’s one of those fun little destress activities so yeah bye


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