So Yeah

Sotd: around your heart – witt lowry. It is weird what I listen to before and after exams before was like witty, Oliver and dance but I’ve moved into that weird shit that kids in urban outfitters listen to. 

I really thought I was going to revise Chinese today but ended up on a 3 hour geordie shore binge honestly I understand now when people complain that they just can’t bring themselves to revise it’s easy to just say one more hit that button and get sucked in and in all honesty I fucking hate Geordie shore it’s an awful tv show but billions is just pissing me off because the rich people aren’t winning and yeah that hurts me. 

An idea that keeps coming back is how much to put on your plate and free time. There’s enough shit to do in this world that you’d literally never have any free time. You could fill in your days with creating businesses, learning languages, creating music and discovering the secrets of the universe. But somewhere along the line you’d decide how much you actually want to do. How much of your time is occupied doing nothing and how much is spent on doing things. I think that is what will eventually define you how much free time you end up giving yourself because honestly there’s no limit to things to do. 

This is kinda disjointed but it kinda relates to revising. I was complaining about not having any more material to revise for physics but that was just because I didn’t even consider doing some shit, had I considered it instead of sitting around moping I could’ve been crushing out sums. Maybe it’s heat stroke but uncle Jeff I had a saying in the day “see through the muddy water on to the other side” this really has no relevence but I really need to start watching those vids again. 


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