Miracle Decade

Motd: glengarry glen ross. Always a strange thing when as soon as you get into work your boss sits you down and forces you to watch a clip of a film but yeah it was cool this guy screaming at people for not being good enough salespeople. Inspirational in that strange pessimisstic way that I like where you’re a failure if you don’t put in the work. 

So I thought I’d talk about this post I saw on Elliot hulses instagram. I think Elliot has a monster body that is basically the human ideal but wouldn’t want it because it suits the race and it just wouldn’t work on asians. 

It’s a letter he wrote a decade ago about where he’d written down these goals and just found it again and it was crazy cool. 

Maybe that’s what this is for me, an electronic version of that, a testament of everything I’ve done. Something to look back on and think shit I did that. 

I remember red beard once commented on how little changes over time amass and it’ll be interesting how maybe at the two year anniversary I crack out the first post and see what’s changed – that’s why I made this initially I think to be a catalyst for change and we’ll see if it’s worked. 

An idea that’s been bouncing around a little too much is the idea of me seeing a therapist maybe once and just seeing what it’s like – I think it would be interesting to just spill everything but then again that could end up stretching it to to multiple sessions and I still don’t have that kinda cash


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