What You Need

Sotd: pursuit of happiness – Steve aoki version. Totally cringe but whatever my blog my rules. 

Last night before I went to bed I thought I’d read a little just to chill out before my exam. So I broke out homo deus which surprisingly isn’t actually gay fanfiction but this guy’s idea of what the future of humanity is from a scientific standpoint. Chapter two is about happiness and how everything is in the pursuit of happiness and avoidance of being uncomfortable. This flashed me back to old me. I haven’t changed much I just haven’t thought much about the ideas. I think my old view about it was always being happy -that I should be happy constantly and experience life in the moment or something like that. And that worked definitely did I remember I used to laugh all the time and just be carefree but that’s what I was – carefree I didn’t really do anything I was just kinda to stick in my own bubble to actually want to do anything. 

But what is the point of doing anything in the end? Why bother achieve anything if you can sit around smoking and feeling happy. Or perhaps happiness isn’t really anything but biological control and we should strive for something other – something greater. 

I’m not saying fuck happiness frankly I’m not sure what I’m saying but I think it’s something to do with being able to live without it, to real use that we shouldn’t I’ve in elation – that’s not to say depression but just to live with ourselves without the need for emotions to cloud our perceptions. 

See that still isn’t it – that sounds too much like an automaton. 

Maybe it’s about being able to embrace lack of happiness and realize that there’s a time for it – the goal isn’t to be happy all the time but to feel the right emotions at the right time – to be happy when happy and to disregard it when it isn’t useful. 
Still an imperfect explanation but it’ll do for now. 


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