Fear of Flight

Sotd: lambourghini tears – Marc goone forever going to be my favourite song. 

This is worrying. Once biology finished I gave myself the greenlight to just fuck around eat whatever I wanted stay up however late and do literally nothing all day. But then I also have an exam on Wednesday – I’m pretty sure I can ace it – I’m pretty sure but then again I did a past paper yesterday and it was kinda a struggle which is kinda worrying. Having literally done no work for it all year it really could come back and bite me so I really do need to start revising. 

But having lost the momentum it does feel like being caught in a tailspin, unable to control trajectory and your own actions. Honestly I am just being a little bitch nothing a good cold shower and week of phone abstinence won’t sort but it is worrying how 3 days of gluttony can nearly topple a year of forward momentum. It has been nice to just chill for a bit but I think I went too far – or maybe I just started a little early – stop believing the hype and actually care about this Mandarin exam. 


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