Heavy Motor

sotd: boomerang – huey mack. I’ve never really heard this song before despite it apparently being in my library and now I’ve switched music players a bunch of stuff I’d never hear before is on it. It was kinda good until young huey started rapping and that was awful.

I had a weird little thought as I walked to the store to buy food this morning. What drives you? Not in a weird esoteric way but in like  a what do I actually want to do.

In all honesty I do think that maybe I just enjoy being right, that I just try to be right whenever I can and that I just want to prove that. Or maybe it’s all a sham and I just want to get really rich and fuck the whole world.

But then again it’s literally next to impossible to get to like truly rich, so I probably will have to find some esoteric goal like happiness or life fulfillment or something like that because it’s just a little unfeasible.

To be fair all I’ve really done in the last few days is be kinda scared about fucking up chinese and watching Geordie Shore. It’s well funny likes to watch these kids and yeah I’m kinda just waiting for this soup to get thicker because right now it’s the consistency of water and that’s not what I want to be eating.

I promise one day I might actually be okay at writing blogs again – hopefully. But then I make a lot of promises and it’s not often I actually fulfil them.


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