Act My Age

Sotd: pursuit of happiness – kid cudi but the Steve aoki remix. 

So exams are finally over – thank fuck. Well for me they’d kinda been over for a week or so but I did actually have an exam I just never really thought about it. 

I’m sure I’ve lost a mark which is annoying because would’ve loved to get the hunnid in Chinese again. There is something about a one hundred over a 99% despite the tiny little difference it changes the whole meaning – and so begins the post I’d meant to write months ago but always seemed to put off because frankly I kept forgetting. 

I reckon I would’ve called it “the last two percent”. And its about how you really don’t need to be that much better than everyone else to stand out. I’m sure there’s hundreds of basketball players that are almost good enough to hit the nba but are missing one tiny little thing. The people paid the most only know a little more than those below them. I’d never really considered this until a friend mentioned that he’d missed out on being dux of the school by 4 cumulative marks – one in each subject. Being dux sets you up for a long time – it’s a crazy achievement. One immediately assumes that whoever wins it is above everyone else by leagues of ocean and air but all they really did was eek out another 1% in their exams and that was all the difference. 

There’s not much between the best and the okay. A lot less than people think and I think they just decide to not put that last bit in. But this is my little admission that you really don’t need to do much more – it’s just that 2% at the end that’s gets you to the top. 


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