Shoot Your Shot

Sotd: candy paint- post Malone. I know I’ve done this before but I just really like the phrase “bring the war” and its one of those you’d really want on a tshirt or as an Instagram caption then realize just how politically incorrect it is and that you can’t be publishing that stuff without being put on some international watchlist. 

I really have forgotten what I wanted to talk about today. Perhaps the realization that this is the start of summer 2017. Where seeds sown over the last few years come into fruition and bare their fruits. 

Perhaps that is a little too eh esoteric. I’ve had this ticking time bomb in the back of my head for a while now. This idea of blowing up – finally making it big. I think I really wanted it when I was 14 ish lying on a bed melting in my grandmother’s flat in china listening to the precepts of rosebudd with two d’s for a double dose of that pimping. 14 year old millionaire sounded cool, 15 less so – 16 becomes rather mundane and now I’m 17 it’s just boring. 

Things are wrapping up definitely, just one last push I suppose. Or perhaps not – I just wanna chill in the conservatory read and not really have anything specific to do – do what I want when I want. 


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