Muted Words

sotd: wake up – gnash.

So now that exams are over our school has decided to make good people of us. This has just constituted bringing in druggies and watching videos on the peril of drugs and alcohol. So yesterday we got a talk from an alcoholic and from it all I took two little things. Well two phrases he seemed as some prayer learnt in rote.

He kept calling himself an alcoholic. This seemed like a bit of a misnomer being sober for 4 years or something like that – it does seem a little counterproductive to identify yourself as someone who is a victim despite having stopped the abuse year ago but whatever if it works for him.

And next was the pain in his head. He drank in order to deaden this pain he had, this anxious voice in his head. This is where addiction comes from – when people crave distraction from this voice in their heads. Why people turn to drugs, alcohol and sex. He says one quarter of people have it but I reckon everyone has it. Wanting to silence this voice – our conscious thoughts. It’s why we’ve buried ourselves in stimulation, tied to our phones and fearful of the silence. It’s why I couldn’t go to bed without music to listen to for a year or so and the root cause of why I don’t eat healthy – trying to deaden the brain.

Who knows why, I’ll have a think, until then ginger beer pizza and books.



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