Play the Day

Sotd: willy wonka – russ. 

I do like working at carphone – a little too much honestly. It’s the only real time in my week that I get to go after a goal and get immediate responses. 

I’ve never really considered it a job as such. When I wrote my CV, interviewed and joined it was all kinda just a laugh. One of those cool little experiences. 

So the manager had a sit down with me – this seems to be one of those weekly things we do now. 

Apparently the reason he hired me was because of my first linee. A line I’d kinda forgotten about. “potential to be the greatest sales consultant ever” and I’d totally forgotten about it – just one of those lines that grabbed people’s attention. 

Now I’d been convinced that the rest of the resume was the genius part but apparently the title was the only reason: I truly doubt it rather it was some retrospective thing. 

The point of all this is that I think that I might actually go into sales of some sort. I enjoy it far too much and believe I have a natural inclination to bullshitting. Or maybe I’ve one up with it but whatever its something I’d really enjoy. I remember years ago when we did things about we wanted to do in the future I would always say that I wanted to not work at a desk even though that’s all the jobs that I was really gunning for – so yeah this is me trying to decipher what I actually want to do with my life.