Fat Stacks

botd: homo deus – yuval harari.

So now exams are done there comes the hard part – the self learning. For my part I much prefer exams because whilst hard at least you know what to do – there’s lists of things to learn and you just do it.

With this university¬†preparation I’m honestly so lost – firstly I have no idea what to actually apply for. Natural sciences seems the way to go because it means I still don’t have to choose for another two years. But then again it sucks at every other school than cambridge¬†because it’s just a misnomer for a joint degree in sciences which really isn’t as awful as I make it sound but still annoying.

And if I do that I have to write a personal statement probably based on physics because that suits my experiences. But I don’t really want to study physics for some reason (well I know the reason – a year or two ago I set down in the dirt that I wasn’t naturally talented enough to study maths, computing and physics. Well I may need to change that little decision.

Got work experience next week at a bank. If done well could end very well for me even if not totally well executed it’s still something to put on the CV>