Amber Jets

sotd: khalid – winter. Gets ya in the feels

First day of work experience at the bank and I dunno, it started off weird, the new kid who jesus christ literally has no social competence. I’d never really believed in this situational confidence people talk about where you’re confident in some places and unconfident in others – I’d assumed it just passed on. Oh boy was I wrong.

I had a lot of people asking about future plans – I mean that’s what you ask someone who’s meant to be making those choices. Social dictate means I should be just telling them like “medicine at edinburgh” but I’m an awkward twit said I don’t know, they mutter something about me being weird and that was the end of that.

But in all seriousnes the guy running it had a chat with me about it all, whether I was an investment banking guy or a commercial banking guy and I said something I’d never thought I’d say. “I really like sales.” and there it was, it kinda tumbled out how I just really enjoyed working at carphone, how it gave me this weird satisfaction of solving problems I don’t get anywhere else. I think he liked my answer so I get a sitdown with some guy who does private accounts for the real 0.000% on Wednesday which could  be awesome, need to think of some questions for the man but I’m pumped.

I’m looking forward to see where this goes, first day as ever was little awkward with adjusting to it all but I’m ready to kill it for the rest of the week – there are real opportunities here and yeah could be an actual viable alternative to university – so yeah with hope in my heart night boys.