Burn Together

Sotd: ispy KYLE. Young man put me onto ifoundbae on Instagram and changed my life. 

Day 2 of bank life and yeah I like it. It’s nice just walking in with your little suit on – tie done. In all honesty it’s like carphone with more paperwork – you get your branch meetings where you discuss targets and expectations. Then people go out there and hit them. It’s not quite the same – there isn’t such harsh targeting in such that no one really complains about not meeting target but rather complains of boredum. 

I get quite a lot of people asking what I want to do in terms of banking. There seems to be this sentiment that branch stuff isn’t what I’ll be doing. People dropping the odd comment like “oh you’ll be doing stocks then” or “when you come back you’ll be earning triple our salary” not in a malicious way but rather is a kinda matter of fact way which is I dunno a little disheartening on everyone’s part. 

I’m having fun, having finally remembered people’s names it’s just a laugh. Last two days there’s been no customers due to the weather so really it’s just joking around. And again the carphone comparisons come out again. People who are uber formal with customers but able to just chill and relax when it comes down to it. 

I’m having fun – not necessarily learning anything. The conference call on developing talent was cancelled so yeah there’s no actual real informantion on future internships which is rather sad but whatever. 

Got a talk with a big man tomorrow so yeah I’ll have a think about that tonight and what I want to ask – I have some semblance of an idea. Ask him what he finds exciting – perhaps major challenges and unprecedented parts. Few books or something would be great as well. 

There has been a lot of chat about not going to university. Everyone there either didn’t go or does nothing to do with their degree and I reckon that reflects most of the population working in non – qualification needed areas. But then again as the boss man said a university degree gets you that foot in the door. Albeit a diamond crusted boot worth about 60 racks. 


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