June 15th Dublin

Sotd: kiss the sky – the knocks

June 15th Dublin is the date of an event that I’ve wanted to go to for literal years – running on 6 years now. It’s an event that’s happened before in Edinburgh but never to return so now it’s either Dublin or London and ain’t nobody paying London prices for that. This is really the last opportunity of 2017 to be there for a reasonable price and I’m torn. I’d miss two days of school that are really kinda unessential but it’s just that I can’t justify to my parents or school going (well not that I can’t but I really can’t be bothered) so I don’t know what to do, maybe see what I feel next week – because I think it is actually just next week. Then again I have parents who wouldn’t even let me take a train myself for like 2 hours. 

So today was mystery shop day and basically that was just me going around all the banks in town asking about a student account. Jesus Christ have I been lucky in my choice of firms with carphone and the bank. Literally every bank I went to either sucked in terms of performance and just staffing and the only alright one literally spent half the time justifying why their product was so half baked. 

Lunchtime my phone was almost out of juice. Not the best situation as I needed to bang out a blog on the bus home and no one owns the correct lead at the office. So as rosebudd teaches see the bank at the other side of the muddy water or something like that – frankly the man is probably illiterate. I remembered EE gives out free charging to customers so I decided to throw in a different mystery shop for lunch. I’m genuinely surprised that EE still has stores. Everyone was kinda just incompetent. One guy spends half his time asking the boss for information. Has the deals on his phone so spends the time squinting at little boxes somehow finding slightly better deals every time). Forgets which phone I pretended to want and yeah honestly it was a shambles. Offered me a phone with free roaming and tethering with 25GB data then turns around and tries to sell me a mobile WiFi with 4gb. So that kinda affirms me that yeah Carphone is the place to be. 

I went to some bougie talk on population science yesterday night (I’ve become totally desperate to try and find a career in interested in) and whilst it was actually quite interesting there was just too many people echoing what someone else said in some vain attempt to sound smart. One interesting little anecdote was this population sculpture of birth rates and whilst every developed country centers around the 30-40 age for childbirth Scotland has this big ass slope for all the teen pregnancies we have which I thought was incredibly amusing.