5 Dollar Aftershave

Sotd: dimaggio -russ. The song isn’t incredible just the fact that he proclaims that before 23 he’d sell out the staples centre and he did – that’s the kinda “fuck you guys” manifest I want in this life. 

Edinburgh university open day and yeah I only went for a little bit because I had bank this morning but Jesus if I ever needed a deterrent from Edinburgh university it was this – sure it’s nice enough and great teaching but honestly I think I would lost my will to live. 

Had a chat with the branch manager this morning – the first time he’d been in whilst I was there and it was strange and a little worrying. 

There was a bunch of great information of the bank and everything – how to progress and all that. Everything really went swimmingly and made up for the lack of a talk on future progression. 

What was a little worrying was my reasons for wanting to be in the bank, or go to university to study anything. I literally didn’t have a definite answer on why I wanted anything. I said I liked having instant feedback in my work which is why I liked direct sales because you know instantly whether or not you’ve fucked up. It’s why I liked solving maths or anything like that – a challenge in the moment. 

But this didn’t justify why I liked science which would be long ass research. There’s a reason that I find hard to articulate because I’m not sure why. Perhaps it is just the ideas have been ingrained in me by my parents but I doubt it because I find biology interesting and my parents never really bothered teaching me biology. 

Also with university choice I have a lot to learn. Turns out that Edinburgh and probably most universities allow you to do two subjects in your first two years so there really isn’t much point in a natural sciences degree outside of cambridge. 

So things to think about shit to draft and thoughts to try and uncover. What I would like appreciation for is the fact I wrote most of this while watching the burned lines video and typing this blind – it’s the little things. 

Also weird thing I spent a tenner on smarties as some cruel inside joke at the office because I got smarties on the first day so I decided to buy some as a leaving present but there’s a helluva lot of people at the office so yeah spent way too much money on smarties and got some funny looks this morning.