Swimming Lessons

Sotd: good life freestyle – Oliver francis. Who knows how accurate the song is but it’s just a nice little story about a man who tried to get his lousy bars good enough to match the beat. 

One thing I have picked up from carphone is saying “sorry about that” and “thanks for that” incessantly instead of the usual “shit sorry” and “thanks” not something that I really care about I just thought it was a nice little anecdote. 

I’m beyond tired. According to the pebble my average sleep is just under 6 and a half hours with a miraculous 4 hours last night. After a day of work where I literally got my ass beat for the whole thing (well not really I killed it but had this one lady at the end who was literally so annoying and entitled I just left whilst she went to the toilet and told my colleague to finish it (to be fair it’s less ballsy than it sounds – I had technically finished work 20 minutes ago and had somewhere to be but usually I would’ve stayed).

I’m not sure what I’ve been doing the past few days – I think it’s what I did after prelims. This attempt to just destroy my mind or consciousness through awful food and late nights. A lot of my older posts where about making my mind my bitch, that’s where the cold showers and the press ups started. That’s where I need to get to again. Kevin who was shit scared of losing and took no shit from himself. I haven’t done anything recently that really makes me struggle – I’m not sure what I’ll choose but it’s probably gonna be something physical rather than mental as you can do physical to make your mind stronger but no matter how strong your mind it doesn’t change your body – some tao shit there.