Truffle Sauce

Sotd: alright – Marc goone. 

On today’s episode of Kevin going to places he shouldn’t really be going to is a talk by the UKs most senior judge – Lord Neuberger. 

In all honesty I’m not sure why I’m here (I’m sitting waiting for it to start right now). I don’t really have a penchant for law or anything like that but honestly it’s probably funner coming to this stuff than sitting around watching tv shows I don’t really like. It’s in this official looking building I’ve never been in before. One of those places where the bathroom is called the cloakroom, has actual towels and hire French people as the doormen. 

I am thankful that I went home and changed instead of just trying to come in a tshirt and jeans that I’d initially brought but in all honesty should’ve gone with the full suit. I knew I was a little out of place when I signed in and realised half the attendants had funny letters in front of their names to symbolise just how white and bourgeois they were. 

I think I will keep coming to this stuff. A true kinda fake it till you make it thing. It’s interesting how talks like these that I used to go to about medicine and science and that when I eventually manage to piece them together – often years later, become these cool little revelations. Also its just nice to come sit in these rich ass libraries and just realise how good you can have it. 

Also I realise i may have made it out that I covertly sneaked in. Quite the contrary I signed up a few weeks ago online and just remembered to go after school