Thousand Egg

Sotd: introduction to anxiety – hoodie allen. 

A strange little excerpt of my life. Yesterday morning in the wee hours I was trying to fall asleep. I’m not sure how early it was but I was kinda just twisting and turning because my neck was in pain. It was this kinda pinching feeling at the back of my neck that just seemed constant and unyielding. 

My phone beside my bed I turn it on and check out Google for reasons for this pain. The first result was web md I think and it said that eye strain is what caused this pain at the back of my neck. I close it and try to go back to sleep. 

A few hours later I’m at school and everything’s fine. Then I begin doubting it all. Perhaps it was just some weird dream. Or pyschosomatic because I couldn’t feel the pain anymore not anything lingering that actually proved it had happened. 

I’m sure it was real. I remember the thoughts I had and everything like that but I don’t remember it. I can’t take my mind back to the time it happened more relive the experience. 

That’s what I think used to scare me. There’s no real opportunities to go back in time and relive it. We’re stuck in the present as we hurtle along our lives and eventually the cart reaches the end of the line and we die. No takebacks. 

Might not have been the most linguistic ally skilled blog or even legible but it’s just a little story. 


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