Setting Fires

Sotd: wdyw – carnage

After yet another day of prescribed cultural enrichment I feel a little well worn down by the repetitive messages we seem to have been sent. 

Today we were given a talk on Internet safety where this police investigator came to tell us not to sext. He was a pretty good presenter and yeah delivered it well. What terrified me about the whole thing was this idea of laws. That a group of people had decided that some area was a moral quandry and that enough people agreed with this sentiment that you could take people’s liberty for crossing these boundaries no matter their intention. Of course he was talking mostly about pedophilia and blackmailing which I’m pretty sure is a universal moral quandry but I mean more in other areas of life. 

This accepted belief that is ratified by so many that all must comply to it is such with money where it really has no worth except the one we give it. Even if you realise this you cannot live without it – once you’ve seen the matrix you still have no choice but to live within it. 

I’m not sure what the point of this blog was, perhaps telling me it’s idiotic to believe that I don’t need university because frankly too many people in society (employers) care about it and even if it has no real value it still needs to be venerated for the time being. 


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