September Rain

Sotd: I love it when you cry – Steve aoki. 

Glasgow open day today and dunno really what to think. 

I’m not sure how I’m going to choose a university. Glasgow actually looked pretty promising during lectures where they proclaim freedom and flexibility and you sit enraptured in their rhetoric before you realise that on fact every university offers it. I seem to have developed this undying allegience for natural sciences at Cambridge despite having not really read what it entails nor understand what is better. 

A realization fell upon me today that perhaps I would prefer a humanity. A history or a law or economics. The only reason I never really considered it was I was just expected to do science and I did it well enough to never consider otherwise. But in terms of actual enjoyment maybe a humanity would be better? 

I’m not sure honestly. Looking back at the last school year I spent most of it just sitting around in class bored out of my mind drawing fidget spinners or whatever else I spent the last year doing. I doubt university is going to change much, apparently it’ll be a challenge but they’ve said that every year. I’ll give it a crack anyway – I’ve years of my life to waste right now and I might love it. 

I have realised that I probably like the small college environment a la st Andrews or Cambridge. I haven’t actually been to either yet but I can imagine enjoying myself in this little town of sorts going around surrounded by peers and not the scary public. 


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