Jelly Doughnut

Sotd: castles – elias abid

There’s this one bakery that’s never really open. Everytime you walk past the stands are filled with pastries but the doors always locked and no one’s in. I’ve been in a few times and the manager just told me everyone there is a slack off and doesn’t really bother opening up. 

So finally today of all days it was open when I walked past. I walked in and bought a doughnut and yeah it was disgusting weirdly stale and way too sweet.

The idea of that jam doughnut was certainly better than the reality and that’s the thing of today. That your ideals that when actually reached can never really ever match your beliefs. After that do you bother chasing after the next thing knowing there’s no point or just stop there. 

I really should have read homo deux slower, some of the ideas are terrifying. One of course being our search for meaning in a universe without meaning and that there really isn’t a point of anything. To say a person has a purpose is to say a grain of sand has a goal in the universal sense. 

Perhaps I’m being melodramatic for the point of it or maybe I just need something to focus on and strive for because I’m bored and lazy right now. 


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