Brew Dog

sotd: wdyw – carnage

rewriting today’s post because it was goddamn awful and really wasn’t something one could post. And I think that’s what the rework will be about – the fact that this is public.

After watching a little too much blacklist (the programme will be the death of me – there’s something like 80 episodes almost an hour long each) it’s terrifying what people can do with the information. Or the fact that it’s up here forever and that it could come back to bite me at any time.

Everyone does illegal things, from downloading films online to trespassing or something like that, no one gets charged because no one can be bothered but I dunno I have like a few hundred confession tapes that if someone bothered I could get charged or something.

I totally doubt that honestly but something that is kinda scary is how one little mistake when you’re young can ruin your life. How a criminal conviction at a young age will destroy your job opportunities, loans you can take or anything like that. Perhaps there should be an upheaval, where maybe eventually the criminal record gets wiped off because you only have the one life and it’s terrifying that you can be branded early on and be affected for the rest of your life.