Pale Nation

sotd: twenty did it again – 24hrs. When a big black man sounds like a small white boy.

I was gonna talk about some things that popped up, my diagnosis about emotion and why docility is key, chilled for a little while avoiding it then hopped on instagram and saw justin escalona on a live – click on it and it opens with him talking about the human condition. Then I realised how ridiculous it all was. that at 17 I’m trying to write a treatise on things people have devoted their lives to.

So that’s today’s post. “In all things have no preference” says the dokkodo, that list that lies above my bed that has been unread for months. Basically you really shouldn’t have opinions on anything unless you have properly researched into it or have done it. What most annoys me in my day, the one thing that grinds my gears more than anything else in the entire world is these instagram girls who live in los angeles are vegans who go to boxing class or the gym everyday but still can’t lift more than two kilos but have a metabolism such that it doesn’t matter what they eatand have built up a following of thirsty guys (myself included) and then have devided any action they take must be gospel or something like that even in realms like politics, health or don’t even get me started on “hustle” because nothing grinds my gears more than girls who spend all their time in cafes and bars “networking”.

So that’s my two cents on the whole thing.


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