Brain vs Lane

sotd: oneplus 5 launch because its sexy. To be honest with everything, the only thing I want in a phone is that it just works. None of this intermittent wifi or phone ready to melt your balls off when its just sitting in your pocket. I reckon I will go for apple next, despite my hate for their devices they just seem to work (until they don’t) or at least don’t do that really hot thing where I think my legs are about to catch fire.

I’ve been reading this book about genetics partly for university interviews partly because it’s kinda applicable to daily life in that it tells you how to live mad healthy and one little snippet caught my eye about how one should live life not in accordance to our emotions and what we think we want but what we know is better for us, that’s where contentment lies.

That’s where the effort is, the process of denying your emotional desires, to stop yourself from following the narrative set by your brain that you are to dutifully follow day in and out. I realise just how easy it is to get sucked into this desire for my brain to just sit around watch television and play games, telling myself it’s what I need to do.

I think what I was really good at the last few months was just not having this temptation all the time, not having anything to actuallyr resist and that allowed me to control and do what needed to be done. Should I have stayed like that and not gone back to following my base motivations, probably, but it’s good I think to just unfurl the sails every now and then.



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