Stumbling Off

Sotd: almost famous – geazy. 

With this whole having an awful memory thing it is worrying that the most basic things seem to be false or true. Dreams I’ve had the night before become entangled with memories of the day before and frankly I can’t really tell which was which. Perhaps its some problems that cropped up when I was born or maybe it’s just the standard human condition to confuse ones own memories. 

It occurs to me as I spent a good hour or two watching and playing vain yesterday that I wouldn’t ever remember it. That despite joy I had in watching armada systematically dismantle the other teams before finally being beat by attrition I would forget it all within a week. The only lasting memories, the only things I would remember and the things I’ve built and done, those are forever immortalized within my mind. 

So the only real way to get a life of contentment of what I’ve done is to produce results, not consumption because you forget that after a few minutes. But the results are permanent and always there. 


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